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Madrigal for a Living Poet

Madrigal para um Poeta Vivo


"Madrigal for a Living Poet" is a feature documentary about the marginal writer Tico. Is a song to life, an aesthetic homage to the writer. A Filmic reverie about the work and life of the character, is also a film about memory, which brings to the fore not only the agonizing trajectories of remembering, but also its political force, of resistance, that insists on reinventing everyday life and seeking lost senses.

By Adriana Barbosa & Bruno Mello Castanho
75 min | Brasil | 2018

Cast: Tico, Renan Rovida and Marilza Batista

Directors: Adriana Barbosa and Bruno Mello Castanho

Script: Adriana Barbosa, Bruno Mello Castanho and Gabriel Campos

Editors: Adriana Barbosa and Bruno Mello Castanho

Executive Producer: Renata Jardim

Production: Marco Escrivão

DP: Rogério Che

Post production and design: Thiago Zanato

Art Director: Laura Calasans

Sound supervisor: Guille Martins

Sound: Samuel Gambini

Sound editing: Alexandre Ventana

Sound Mix: Fernando Ianni

Original soundtrack: Kiko Dinucci e Thiago Zanato

Director Assistant: Thiago B. Mendonça

Production House: Memória Viva Films

Co-Production: En Caliente Films