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Exu and the Order of the Universe

Exu e a Ordem do Universo

Exu is a popular African deity of thousands of years and we might never know its exact origin. But it is possible to understand how Exu went from being a God in Africa to becoming the Devil in Brazil. This tragic story, that passes through colonization and slavery, has not ended yet. “Exu and the Order of the Universe” follows the complex path of a culture turned into resistance over the course of several centuries.


by Thiago Zanato

90 min | Brazil, Nigeria, Croacia, Slovenia, Spain | In development.


Director: Thiago Zanato

Executive Producer: Adriana Barbosa and Nasi

Producer: Adriana Barbosa

Director of Photography: Marco Antônio

Chief Editor: Danilo Santos

Sound: Thiago Zanato, Fred França and Raul Costa

Additional footage: Rogério Lacanna